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Adventures in writing Journal 2

Hello again,

I am running behind in my assignments we have 2 units this first week. My second entry deals with verbs and adverbs. I am to make a list of the two like I did in the first one. This time I have to use the lists to write  a couple of sentences.


1. projects

2.  dance


4. walk



1. Always

2. Very


4. Often



1. The laptop always sits on the small desk.

2.  The TV often projects American sitcoms for viewing.

3. The room feels very cool.

4. The person never enjoys pizzas that barely have toppings.

Now I regret the lists I came up with, because writing sentences with them is hard.


Adventures in writing Journal 1

Hello People,

I am taking a five-week writing course. The course requires us to keep a journal, and suggested word press. I remembered we have a blog so I will use it for my entries.  This first journal requires us to do two things. I have to list five  to ten nouns, and five to then adjectives as I observe my current environment.  I am currently in my room and the following is what I observe.


1. A person ( me)

2. TV

3. Laptop

4. Tablet

5. Phone

6. Room

7. Bed

8. Clothes

9.  Desk

10. Printer


1. Small desk

2. Red bed sheets

3. African shirt

4. The room feels cool.

5.An American sitcom.

6.  The pizza barely had toppings.

Alright that was all I could come up with from observing my room.




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