Nigeria so far

Just chilling today

So I have been here a while and quite a lot has happened. When I say a lot has happened I mean  I have reconsidered it but the truth is am happy to see Mom so happy and healthier too. First off I hate the phone service in Nigeria why should I pay for services and they are not always delivered? LOL . Anyway am managing with the good internet we have truth be told. Other things that have opened my eyes is the fact that anything that I think is  irrational is rational in Nigeria.I changed my phone service to MTN which is not owned my Nigerians and the service is supposed to be better. When I first came to Nigeria Mom picking fights with like everyday. I wanted to save money and run back to the states cause my return date is Feb. 29 lol. I had to maximize my efforts in dealing with her and it has paid off. Now we get along very well everyday is smooth and drama free. I think being here is helping her health and she seems happier and that gives me a special feeling inside. I have registered for NYSC today and tomorrow we will meet with Mom’s contact to help with the posting. I haven’t really taken any pictures of myself since I have been here,but will be posting many up in the future I promise. Well gotta go rub Mom’s back lol I will try to write about my week at the end of it. The only thing is I will be in camp for most of March so will not be writing anything really hope to read your blogs too!!!


3 thoughts on “Nigeria so far

  1. oroooo says:

    You’re in reverso world. It’s like Femi Kuti said, you’re subsidizing the utilities, but get no returns for it.

    Can you take pictures around Abuja, before you go into camp. I’ve never been there before and would love to see what you’re seeing (what’s around you). I guess not just Abuja then.

    Mom sounds really happy that you’re there. I’m glad you guys are getting along. I guess you just needed to turn on your “Nigerian child” switch. Have you seen “sh*t filipino moms say” on youtube? It’s so funny how similar it is to the Nigerian moms one. Especially the part with the remote.

    • tripleotales says:

      I will take pics arounnd Abuja when we return. It sucks I forgot to buy batteries for my camera so when I come I will buy more from Berlin. do I just serach the sh*t filipino mothers say on youtube? Which part with the remote?

    • tripleotales says:

      I forgot to say very funny Nigerian child switch lol.. I will post some pics of our cousins that I hope to take before we return to Abuja. There’s isn’t much to photograph in Warri but family lol

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