Adventures in writing Journal 2

Hello again,

I am running behind in my assignments we have 2 units this first week. My second entry deals with verbs and adverbs. I am to make a list of the two like I did in the first one. This time I have to use the lists to write  a couple of sentences.


1. projects

2.  dance


4. walk



1. Always

2. Very


4. Often



1. The laptop always sits on the small desk.

2.  The TV often projects American sitcoms for viewing.

3. The room feels very cool.

4. The person never enjoys pizzas that barely have toppings.

Now I regret the lists I came up with, because writing sentences with them is hard.


Adventures in writing Journal 1

Hello People,

I am taking a five-week writing course. The course requires us to keep a journal, and suggested word press. I remembered we have a blog so I will use it for my entries.  This first journal requires us to do two things. I have to list five  to ten nouns, and five to then adjectives as I observe my current environment.  I am currently in my room and the following is what I observe.


1. A person ( me)

2. TV

3. Laptop

4. Tablet

5. Phone

6. Room

7. Bed

8. Clothes

9.  Desk

10. Printer


1. Small desk

2. Red bed sheets

3. African shirt

4. The room feels cool.

5.An American sitcom.

6.  The pizza barely had toppings.

Alright that was all I could come up with from observing my room.




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Been a Min.

Hey Big Sistas,

It has truly been a minute I thought I would be able to take pics of Abuja blog some more before camp. Boy was I wrong and wrong about a few things smh&lol.  First up I was deployed to Edo state and not Abuja wait there’s a story. We had ppl working on  the deployment so I wasn’t worried cause Mom is pretty high no bribes needed :D.  So we we’re in Delta and I was so anxious to return to Abuja to pick up the call up letter and report to camp. I went to the secretariat and there was no line cool. The woman attending to me said oh you’re from Delta you will be close to home am like okay whatever that means. Then the next person was like ahhh Edo you will enjoy small I got worried they gave me the letter I read it and was in denial. Mom was outside I said Mom this says Edo we called the person and they said all the 5 ppl they were trying to deploy to Lagos or Abuja were all deployed to other places too. He was like sorry I didn’t have a choice I got to Abuja on Sunday this was Monday and I had to report to Okada, Edo by Wednesday.  I did small shopping with Mom on Tuesday and left early on Wednesday. Camp was a nightmare but we survived I mean we used out houses for crying out loud. Mom was laughing and was angry when I told her she said when she did hers they we’re in a institute and had plumbing. Anyway those 3 weeks went fast and I made friends as you will see from my pics I attached. I applied for medical redeployment in camp and it was not approved. Mom went to headquarters and got help to redeploy me to Abuja :-). In the mean time I had to report to Edo thank God they posted me to Benin City and my assignment was  Ministry of Health Edo state Commissioner’s office. Wait o it gets better smh. The commissioner wanted to accept us but didn’t know the new law that all health related professionals must be posted to rural areas. For like 5 weeks she was delaying our rejection letter that would free us to get re-posted within Benin City. All this time I spent with one of my friends whom I was close to in camp . Most of the days were spent sitting at the commissioner’s office in vain. The evenings were even worse until I decided to start watching football with my friend at a bar .  After all this I was finally redeployed but my letter stated Lagos -__- lucky I was told to report to HDQ in Abuja were it was settled and finally today April 24, 2012 I have become a FCT corper . When I was leaving Edo this past weekend I felt bad leaving all the friends I had made. The good news is that Grandmum cooked some good owo that eased the pain ;-). I probably have more to say but you can imagine trying to put it all in order is a pain. This weekend is a funeral for one of our auntie’s on the Mosheshe side of the family. It’s sad I only knew her briefly but she really was good to me anytime she saw me I was blessed financially. She lost her battle with breast cancer which she fought for 10 years.  Anyway I am happy to be able to say goodbye I thought NYSC would keep me busy the whole week. Alright they just took light and since I refused to buy a mac I can’t read my keyboard lol. Honestly though Apple is trying to win me over with their great customer service lol. My regards to the fam Oro hope to see pics from the vacation, and Osa hope all is well blog too so we hear from you too. Now I will have stable internet I will try to blog more often. Oh and yes once settle in I will post pics from Abuja.

Your lil bro


Nigeria so far

Just chilling today

So I have been here a while and quite a lot has happened. When I say a lot has happened I mean  I have reconsidered it but the truth is am happy to see Mom so happy and healthier too. First off I hate the phone service in Nigeria why should I pay for services and they are not always delivered? LOL . Anyway am managing with the good internet we have truth be told. Other things that have opened my eyes is the fact that anything that I think is  irrational is rational in Nigeria.I changed my phone service to MTN which is not owned my Nigerians and the service is supposed to be better. When I first came to Nigeria Mom picking fights with like everyday. I wanted to save money and run back to the states cause my return date is Feb. 29 lol. I had to maximize my efforts in dealing with her and it has paid off. Now we get along very well everyday is smooth and drama free. I think being here is helping her health and she seems happier and that gives me a special feeling inside. I have registered for NYSC today and tomorrow we will meet with Mom’s contact to help with the posting. I haven’t really taken any pictures of myself since I have been here,but will be posting many up in the future I promise. Well gotta go rub Mom’s back lol I will try to write about my week at the end of it. The only thing is I will be in camp for most of March so will not be writing anything really hope to read your blogs too!!!

Stress reduction in 2012

By the end of 2011 I was feeling so stressed out, I decided that this year would be different. No more “I don’t have time”, or “I’m so busy”, or “I spent the entire week and weekend studying and didn’t see my family”, or the most redundant of them all “I’m so stressed out”. Grabbing life by the horns was my New Year’s resolution. It’s now February; I don’t know how that happened. I could’a sworn the year started a week ago. I’ve spent most of 2012 being depressed and studying, and that’s the opposite of what I wanted for this year. I need to change course…

Step 1: I postponed my first board exams till July. Knowing that I wouldn’t be getting this exam over with now is part of what got me depressed.

Step 2: We booked our flights to the States. We’ll be there from the end of March to mid-April.

Step 3: …any suggestions?

Oh yeah, one major thing stressing me out is the fact that I haven’t been able to get the financial aid money from last semester. That means we’re deep in debt and it’s not looking better. We’re going to the States anyway though, because we promised to use the wedding money for a trip… and we really need it.


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Prelude to Thanksgiving

This week has been great!!! I got a majority of my work done so I might have a decent thanksgiving after all!!I spent the week divided as usual between school and my internship.The sad part of the week was not being able to attend the job fair since my work wouldn’t give me the hours. Apart from that everything was on point and fell into the right places. Next week being Thanksgiving I plan to eat but not too much, work on my presentation, go to a party, and get some sleep. When it’s all over the semester will be ending and I will need to be ready for that with finals and final assignments. So folks that’s my story the prelude to Thanksgiving 2011.